Arader Tree a revival of chris mas service

arader tree arader tree
what has come over chris arader me
my tree is service my me is nervous
chris is arader tree

arader tree arader tree
what hat hangs over me chris?
my tree is, it a service tree or a tree service
what will become of chris tree service?
or chris arader wanna be, ba-by.

arader tree arader tree service
what is it you chris arader are after?
is it me? is it me?
baby baby give me a

a raider, arader tree service
intermission while the cookies and crackers make milk under the
chris mas tree

"jesus, andy, what IS that chris Arader you've got in your pocket?"
"which chris arader andy?"
"your name is chris, chris. that arader tree service for trimming away all the sad
days we used to spend in the park. watching the birds service the flowers. you christopher
arader have an arader in your pocket. pickel or not, it's a tree service..i know it is."
"Andy, i think you're delusional. i've thought so for a long time."

arader tree: an experminent in spelling
tree service is arader tree is chris arader after me?
a spelling punctual hobby, brought to you by the makers of "dallas'
and other fine cities.

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